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Although there are scads of Millards across the United States (and throughout the world), this site was built by one member of one branch of one clan...

The family tree as we know it begins less than a century ago, with James E. Millard, Sr. (1916-1997), born in Truax, Saskatchewan (Canada). Because he was born in a small town in rural Canada, there are very few records of our family beyond that. He married Jane Gough before heading off to fight W.W.II in France; in time they had five children. One way or another, the links on this table point to the URLs for and about their progeny...
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James E. Jr. , and his wife Peg are members of the staff at Rockhurst (College) University; Jim is the Assistant Dean of Rockhurst’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies; Peg is recently retired and loving it! In May, 2002, Jim finished his interdisciplinary Ph.D., with research and dissertation revealing alarming trends in alumni giving in relation to student debt. Both Jim (’66, MBA ’89) & Peg (’80) are alums of Rockhurst University. Mary Jo Halverson is the second child of James Sr. and Jane. She’s the Executive Assistant to the Dean of the University of Kansas Medical Center’s School of Medicine. Jo and her husband Keith live in Leawood, KS. Jo is also a former employee of Rockhurst University.
  John, third in birth, his wife Donna and their three daughters, live in Carbondale, IL. John is a Rockhurst University Alum (’71), and has the distinction of attending the college when it transitioned from men-only to co-ed. Next in line is Denise, married to Richard Wikiera. Denise is a MedTech at St. Luke’s Hospital (Plaza Campus); Rich is a biology teacher at Rockhurst High School. Living in midtown Kansas City, Denise (’77) and Rich (’77) are both Rockhurst Alums.
  Youngest child of James E. Sr., Tom is a former chemist with Dow Chemical who now holds an M.D. from the University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine; he is currently practicing at the St. Joseph Medical Center E.R. Tom and his wife Carolyn live in Prairie Village, KS with their daughter, Molly and son Tommy. Tom is a Rockhurst University (BS, ’80) and University of Missouri (MS) Alum; when added to his M.D. from KU Med, it’s a recipe for mixed emotions when the KU Jayhawks play the MU Tigers in either basketball or football.
Jim Jr’s oldest son is the guy in charge of this site and domain. Jim and his wife Carrie live in midtown Kansas City with their two daughters, Lauren and Anna. Jim (’89) and Carrie (’94) are alums of Rockhurst University, and Jim has served as an adjunct faculty member for the Professional Studies program.
Jamie Hogan is Jim Jr’s middle child, and is the financial administrator for Decision Insight, in downtown Kansas City. She married Jeffery, an automobile mechanic,  in 1997; they are proud parents of a William Joseph, Daniel James and Zoe Jane. Jamie is a former employee of Rockhurst University.
Jim Jr’s youngest son Joe is an energy trader for Ameren in St. Louis, MO. Joe is a Rockhurst University Alum (’97) and is married to Tracy (from the St. Louis area), who is also an employee of Ameren. Among other activities, Joe and Tracy are busy raising their kids Mason and Ava.
  Bob and Lara Novotny, daughter of Rich and Denise, are busy raising their children Rease, Zachary and Brooke in Kansas City. Lara (’00) is a Rockhurst Alum.
  Rich Wikiera, son of Rich and Denise, is in residency for his DO degree (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine); he and his wife, Casey (Kohlenhoeffer) have their hands full raising their sons Richie and Scotty in St. Louis, MO. Both Rich (’02) and Casey (’02) are Rockhurst Alums.

genealogy research

I've been doing research into my family history with the help of Brøderbund’s “Family Tree Maker,” and actually making some real progress on the histories of my grandmothers. But work on my Millard side is slow and sketchy; if you’re members of a Millard clan that hails from the Brownville, Iowa area, I’d like to know: It is my understanding that Reed (or Reid) Nicholas Millard—the father of James E. Sr.—was born there in 1883.

other (unrelated) millards

name email/web
Millard Public School District, Omaha, NE
Millard's Cleaning Services, London, UK
Millard & Co Ltd. (Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK)
Amanda of Denmark
Barbara Joan (Millard) Rockefeller
Barbara McLaren, daughter of Placida Louise, daughter of Albert and Laronia
Bill from Orange County, CA
Brian J.
Brian Lynn of Des Moines, IA, son of Richard Lynn (Macomb, IL), son of George Lynn (Macomb, IL)
Catherine Noreen Millard, daughter of Linda Joyce (Webb) and John Allan, son of Mary Noreen (Baskerville) and Gordon Allan
Carl (Wisconsin)
Cindy Leigh (Millard) Claunch, daughter of Harry Boyd (Bud) Millard III (b. Chicago, IL) and Sondra J. (Smith) Millard Hayes.
Dan & Stephanie,
Sharilyn (Millard) Kruger
Darrel & Virginia
David John, son of Alfred Henry and Sara (Rambo) Millard; grandchild of Sydney A. and Henrietta L.
David P.
Dave, Patty and child in Ohio
Debbie, daughter of Michael (Renton WA), granddaughter of Orville
Dorothy Matilda (Millard) Marshall of Rosefille, CA; daughter of Raymond John (Rochester, NY), son of Charles
Elizabeth Wilson, descendent of Edmund Millard and Mary Gibbs, Wedmore, Somerset, England
Emily, daughter of James
George K.   or
Ian (Steeple Claydon, Buckingham, England)
James A of Colonial Heights, VA
Jean (Millard) Krogmann, daughter of Glen, son of Arthur and Iva (LeGassick) Millard
John III (Baltimore, MD)
John R. (Houston, TX)
Joseph Rickerson Millard, Sr.
Julie (Millard) Haskins from the UK
Kenneth C. (Sydney, Australia)
Larry W.
Lee (Essex, England UK)
Lisa,  granddaughter of Harry Millard, born in N.Y.(January 23, 1927), son of Harry Millard, born in England (October 30, 1895).
Lisa (Millard) Barton, niece of Charles (on this page)
Marsha Millard-Pearce
Maxine J. (Millard) Olsen
Maxwell & Elizabeth,
Sarah, Tristram
Nell Millard-Somervell
Pam Marks
Paul (Australia)
Paul, son of Bob, son of Norman (UK)
Paul F. of Cherry Valley, CA; son of Raymond J. (Rochester, NY), son of Charles
Phil (Wolverhampton, England)
Ray and Elaine (Flaxmere, NZ)
Roy Michael (NSW Australia), son of Anne, grandson of George
Ruth (Millard) Simonsen (New Zealand)
Samantha and Karen, daughters of Sidney & Linda (Australia)
Sarah Edith Vermilia
Stephanie Anne
Steven L.
Sylvain & Damien
Thelma Irene
Tony, son of Raymond James, grandson of William
Tony Maries, great-great-great grandson of Edith (Stotfold, Beds., England)
Trudy Millard Krause
daughter of Alan, son of Glenn, son of Paul, son of Albert, son of Burton, son of Arnold G., son of Benjamin C. Family ties to Wisconsin, New York and Rhode Island. Family history traced to 1700s
Walter Douglas
Michael Mcvey
Zelah Elizabeth Millard Perkins
daughter of Homer Behne Millard of Portland, Oregon, whose family came from Wisconsin, New York State, Rhode Island and first landed in Massachusetts in the early 1600's.

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