Jim's Collection of Humor

Architects vs. Programmers
A rebuttal to the statement:
If architects designed buildings the way programmers wrote programs, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization.
Oklahoma Sooner’s Scouting Report
A ribald look at a fictitious scouting report for the Oklahoma Sooner's Football program.
Poopies Defined...
An irreverent listing of 17 poopies. Not to be confused with puppies!
DL-232 -- A New Serial Standard
A satirical proposal for the CCITT committees for Serial Communications.

Are YOU an Engineer?

Not my job...

Computer Problem Report
A tech support request if the support personnel were the ones who got to write it...
Beers to You
Philosophical musings, including the relevance of Beer in one’s life.

Monty Python

The Lumberjack Song
Drinking Philosophers Song

Stabs at Microsoft

An imaginary (and irreverent!) look at the source code for Windows 95...
Uncle Bill behind the Wheel...
A satirical take on a Press Release from Microsoft...
If Microsoft ran the Auto Industry
Mr. Gates goes to Washington
More satire at Microsoft’s expense.

Updated March 04, 2003

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